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Online Booking Service!

All online bookings have to pay a small deposit 60p-£1 which will come off your treatment bill in store. Please note agreeing to booking a treatment with us and securing your booking you enter into agreement with our 24hr cancellation policy. All cancellations that don't provide the 24hrs notice will be charged in full. 

Click the service below which you wish to book. Please read the following before making your boking! 

For eyelash and brow treatments - Please note for all lash tinting, lifting, and eyelash extensions you must have a patch test at our salon 24-48hrs before your treatment. If you do not have the patch test we cannot carry out the treatment.

For spray tans - patch test is also required for spray tans if you have never used tanning products before.

For spray tans please come in loose dark baggy clothing, with flip flops and an umbrella as the tan must not come in to contact with water whilst developing.

For facials, manicures, pedicure & body treatments - if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any cosmetic products used within a manicure, pedicure, facial or body treatment you would require a patch test 24- 48hrs before you booking.

For ear piercing - Please note we cannot re pierce through an existing closed over hole due to the contra indications of scarring. We will only perform piercing on the lobe part of the ear and on anyone over the age of 5.

For Princess Parties - you must bring with you a signed form with all children's parents or guardian permission to attend the party and have treatments. All princess partied must be paid in full 48hrs before.