Diamond Beauty -
Treatment & Price Guide
Skin Camera Consultation                                         30mins   Free
A full consultation & skin analysis including a computerised photo and a full print out of your results
The Essential Treatment                                                1hr        £32
The ideal starting point to ensure your skin receives what it needs. After which, your personal beauty prescription will be designed for you.
The Perfecting Pore Purifying Treatment                    45mins     £45
This treatment reduces dilated skin pores and insists on a smooth, matte complexion whilst respecting your skin's fundamental needs. A peachy, soft complexion is yours.
The High Diffusion Hydrating Treatment                       1hr         £50 This treatment bathes the skin with extreme hydrating properties. The skin is visibly plumped full of vitality, suppleness and comfort is regained and dehydration lines are immediately erased.                      
Recommended Course: 3 at 1 per week
The Regenerating Peeling treatment                   1hr     £60           
This treatment offers the most visible transformation you can obtain with aesthetic treatments. It will erase dead cells and re-launch cell renewal. The global effect on cellular and tissular regeneration brings you immediate
and long term effectiveness Suitable for all skin types except sensitive.
Recommended Course: 3-6 treatments or as a one off treatment.                                                                                                         
The Radiance Renewing Professional Treatment         1 hr      £60
For smooth, plump, radiant, glowing skin –  combining 20% pure vitamin C and 100% collagen. This treatment gives instant results and long term anti-ageing efficacy.
Recommended course:  3 at 1 per week
The Wrinkle Firmness Cellular Treatment                         1hr     £50
Developed especially for the 40 plus client or If you wish to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, lift and firm the skin and reshape the oval face. A new generation of active ingredients act as a cellular coach to prolong the life of your skin cells, thus enhancing and promoting a more youthful appearance.  The results are clinically tested and proven to increase skin firmness by 90% and to smooth wrinkles by 80% after the first treatment.
Recommended course: 5 at 1 per week or as a one off treatment
The Lifting Resculpting Professional Treatment   1hr 15mins     £60 
Developed for clients 45 years and upwards to fight against skin slackening, inspired by surgical procedures, this treatment will lift and re-sculpt the face
Recommended Course: 4 at 1 per week
New Katherine Daniels Cosmetics Facials
The Skin Bespoke Treatment                          45 mins       £39
Tailor-made to give your skin a substantial treat, ideal when time is of the essence. Includes exfoliation, massage and mask to suit your skin’s needs
The Age Defence Sensitive Skin Treatment  60 mins      £59
A treatment developed for fragile and sensitive issues, your skin will be calmed, soothed, strengthened and more able to defend itself against premature aging. You will be indulged in 60 minutes of pure bliss and experience two Katherine Daniels relaxation sequences whilst your skin receives the ultimate result-driven treatment. For long-term effectiveness, a course off our at one per week is recommended.
The Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating Treatment  
                                                                                 80mins £65
A treatment developed to hydrate the skin and re-ignite the natural oil levels if they are underactive. Your skin will be hydrated, supple, smooth, open pores reduced and more able to defend itself against premature ageing.You will be indulged in 80 minutes of pure bliss and experience four Katherine Daniels relaxation sequences whilst your skin receives the ultimate result-driven treatment.For long-term effectiveness, a course of four at one per week is recommended.
Massage & Body Treatments
NEW – Exclusive Orli Hot candle Back massage    30mins       £30
Try our new luxurious back treatment. Choose from three delicious flavoured candles to have a warm oil massage with.
Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage             30mins        £25
Relaxing Swedish massage soothes aching muscles, using aromatherapy oils for ultimate tranquillity.
Dermo Purifying Back Facial                                   45mins       £30
This is the ultimate treatment for a clearer complexion. The clarifying mask helps clear any congestion for smooth, healthy, matte skin.
Relaxing Back Treatment                                        55mins       £40
Exfoliating with a “dead sea” salt scrub an application of warm nourishing oil dispensed from a massage candle is applied with a soothing massage. A heated mask is then applied to eliminate muscle toxins and cleanse and purify the skin. Finish with soft moisturiser.
Relaxing Swedish full body massage                      1hr           £40
To sooth tired muscles, the perfect way to unwind and relax, with aromatherapy oils massaged to relieve the stresses and tension of everyday life.
Invigorating full body scrub                                    45mins       £30
Exfoliating with a “dead sea” salt scrub removed with hot towels followed by silky hydrating moisturiser.
Tanning Treatment
Fake Bake Spray Tan , choose from 3 different spray tans; Original, Dark or New 60 Minute tan
            Full Body                  25mins      £25
            Legs only                 10mins      £12
            *Tanning Thursday Deal* Only £18
Manicures & Pedicures
File & Paint                                                              15mins       £10
Nails are neatly shaped, cuticles pushed back & OPI polish is applied.
Express Manicure                                                    30mins       £15
Nails are neatly shaped, cuticles pushed back, hands massaged with OPI avojuice lotion & OPI polish is applied.
Replenishing Manicure                                                1hr        £20 
Hand soaked in warm peppermint water. OPI enzyme therapy cleanser applied to remove any dead skin cells, nails are neatly shaped, cuticles pushed back, massage with OPI massage lotion & OPI nail polish applied.
Luxury OPI Spa Manicure                                     1hr 1mins      £25
Hand soaked in warm peppermint water. OPI enzyme therapy cleanser applied to remove any dead skin cells, nails are neatly shaped, cuticles pushed back, massage with OPI massage lotion, OPI mask is applied then heated mitts & to finish OPI nail polish applied.
File & Paint                                                               15mins       £10
Toenails are neatly shaped, cuticles pushed back & OPI polish is applied.
Express Pedicure                                                      30mins      £15
Feet are soaked in spa whirlpool, toenails are neatly shaped, cuticles pushed back, feet are massaged with OPI avojuice lotion & OPI polish is applied.
OPI Spa Pedicure                                                      1 hr         £20
Feet are soaked in spa whirlpool, toenails are neatly cut & shaped, cuticle  nipped & pushed back, Feet & legs are exfoliated with OPI sugar scrub, massaged with OPI massage lotion & OPI polish is applied
Luxury OPI Spa Pedicure                                   1 hr 15mins      £25
Feet are soaked in spa whirlpool, toenails are neatly cut & shaped, cuticles nipped & pushed back, Feet & legs are exfoliated with OPI sugar scrub, OPI mask is applied & heated booties, to finish massage with OPI massage lotion & OPI polish is applied.
Nail Enhancements
Full set gel LCN Nail Extensions colour/french  1hr  30mins    £29
LCN Gel Infills                                                         1hr                £26
LCN Gel Overlay Natural Nails                            1hr  30mins    £26
Removal of gel                                                      1hr                £12
Gel polish French / Colour                                    1hr               £24
Removal of shellac gel/opi gel                            30mins          £10  
OPI Axxium Soak off                                                1hr               £24
Minx Toes (a pattern foil)                                       45mins          £20
Diamond Beauty's little Luxurys
Diamonds (each)            50p
One row of diamonds     £5      
Two rows of diamonds    £10  
Flower                              £5
Nail Candy                       £3
3D Bows  (each)           large    £3   small   £2          
Add paraffin wax to any hand or foot treatment 30min         £10
(24hours notice will need to be given for this treatment) 
Eye & Ear Treatments
Eyebrow Tint*                                                          10mins     £7
Eyelash Tint*                                                            25mins    £10
Eyelash & Brow Tint*                                                30mins     £15
Eyelash Perm*                                                         45mins     £20
Eyelash Perm & Tint*                                                 1hr         £30
Studux Ear piercing - earrings & aftercare solution included                                                                  15mins    £15
*A patch test is required 24hrs before a perm or tint.
Eyebrows                                                                  15mins      £6
Eyebrow wax & Tint                                                  20mins     £10
Lip or chin                                                                 15mins      £6
Lip & Chin                                                                  15mins     £10
Under arm                                                                 15mins      £8
Bikini line                                                                    15mins     £10
½ Leg                                                                         30mins     £14
¾ Leg                                                                         40mins    £17
Full Leg                                                                       50mins    £20
Back or Chest                                                            30mins    £15
Forearm                                                                     20 mins     £8
Propil Expert
(after care serum to prevent re growth)                  5mins      £10
Make up
Strip Eyelash Extensions                                         15mins         £10
A strip of lashes applied, to last for 1 day for your special occasion.
Evening make up                                                 30mins         £25
A full make up applied using Jane Iredale mineral make up creating a perfect look for your occasion whether it be clubbing, restaurant, awards ceremony.
Prom Make up                               On the day       1hr           £25
                                                       Trial                 45mins       £15
A full make up applied inc strip eyelash extensions we use Jane Iredale mineral make up to achieve the perfect look for your prom.
Prescriptive make over                                         45mins         £25
Here we will choose colours that will suit you and your complexion and achieve a look you can continue at home, you take away a prescription of all make up perfect for you and a fantastic opportunity to purchase any make up.
Make up lessons                                     Group         2hrs    £15pp
                                                                Private       2hrs    £30pp
Make up lessons are a fantastic way to keep unto date with all the latest trends. Learn how to apply eyelash extensions, how to create Smokey eyes, bronze smokey eyes and much more. Look out for our group lessons.
Wedding make up             
Bride’s Trial                                                              1hr            £30
Bride’s Wedding Day                                              45mins       £50
Bridesmaid                        (each)                          30mins        £25
Bridesmaid Trial                                                       1hr             £25
Mother of bride/groom                                          30mins       £25
Mother of bride/groom trial                1hr    £25                       
Flower Girls                                                              5mins       Free
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